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                                        Seminar on Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Technology for Internal Combustion Engines for Non-Road Mobile Machinery Held in Hangzhou

                                        release time:2019-10-12

                                        On June 24, 2015, the "Seminar on Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Technology for Internal Combustion Engines for Non-Road Mobile Machinery" was held at Yuquan Hotel in Zhejiang University. This conference was sponsored by Zhejiang Internal Combustion Engine Society and Zhejiang Agricultural Machinery Association, Zhejiang General Small Gasoline Engine Association Co-organized. The meeting invited Bao Xiaofeng, director of the State Administration of Environmental Protection's Motor Vehicle Pollution Monitoring Center, Jia Bin, secretary-general of the Small Gasoline Score Association of the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, Sheng Yingying, deputy secretary-general of Zhejiang General Gasoline Engine Association, professor of Shandong University, technology of Zhejiang Yinlun Machinery Co., Ltd. Consultant, Associate Professor Zhou Wenhua, Institute of Power Machinery and Vehicle Engineering, Zhejiang University, gave a keynote speech for this meeting. More than 70 representatives from relevant enterprises and universities in the province attended the seminar.

                                            At 9:30 am, the meeting officially started with Secretary General Wu Feng, the host of the meeting, introducing the meeting and the guests present. Director Bao Xiaofeng first brought to you the report "China Non-Road Mobile Source Emission Control Standards and Supervision". Director Bao briefly introduced the pollution prevention status of non-road mobile sources, and then introduced in detail the current relevant emission standard system in China and the supervision and management work of the national environmental protection department for non-road mobile emission sources, and pointed out that laws and regulations should be gradually improved. The importance of strengthening supervision and management of new production and in-use mobile sources at the same time as the standard system.

                                        Subsequently, Secretary-General Jia Bin made a keynote report entitled "Global General Engine Emission Regulation Trends and Emission Control Technology", which mainly focused on the development status of China ’s general small gasoline engine industry, the global general small gasoline engine emission regulations, the progress of China ’s small gasoline engine three emission standards, and the general small The four aspects of gasoline engine emission control technology were introduced in detail, allowing everyone to further understand the general engine emissions related content from multiple layers such as policies, regulations and technical means.

                                            At 13:30 in the afternoon, Sheng Yingying, Deputy Secretary General of the Provincial General Gasoline Engine Association, exchanged reports on the theme of "Administrative Supervision Requirements for Small General Gasoline Engines". Deputy Secretary-General Sheng first introduced the situation of Zhejiang province's internal combustion engine production licenses and supervision and inspection, and explained the participants in detail based on the production license-related industrial policies and the evaluation rules adopted in the supervision and inspection. Finally, a brief introduction of Zhejiang's general-purpose small gasoline engines Related content of the association.

                                            Professor Lu Jiaxiang of Shandong University brought you the "Technical Analysis of Small Single-Cylinder Diesel Engines Using Supercharging Technology". Professor Lu clearly and concisely introduced the technical means and development history of supercharging and intercooling technology, and also analyzed the technical difficulties of mechanical supercharging and turbocharging in detail. At the same time, on the premise of combining the development status of small single-cylinder diesel engines in China, Prospects and directions for the application and development of supercharging and intercooling technology are presented. While Professor Lu brought you technical development, he also showed you a blueprint for the development of supercharged intercooling technology.

                                            Finally, Associate Professor Zhou Wenhua of the Institute of Power Machinery and Vehicle Engineering of Zhejiang University gave a keynote report on "Independent Development and Industrialization of Electronically Controlled High Voltage Common Rail Related Technology", which introduced the current non-road diesel engine emission limits and corresponding technologies, focusing on The exhaust aftertreatment technology was analyzed, the advantages and disadvantages of the SCR-DPF and EGR routes, and the DPF system control strategy were compared. Finally, the Borui company was used as an example to introduce the high-pressure common rail system and its industrialization direction. Through the exchange of reports, everyone has a deeper understanding of the technical content and development prospects of high-voltage common rail.

                                            The entire meeting was conducted in a warm atmosphere. In the gap between each sub-report, everyone actively asked questions and discussed. Participants raised questions on specific policies and regulations, implementation methods of laws and regulations, and technical routes, and the reporters answered them in detail.

                                            The Seminar on Energy Saving and Emission Reduction of Internal Combustion Engines for Non-Road Mobile Machinery provides a platform and opportunity for internal communication for many companies in the industry, and promotes the progress and development of energy saving and emission reduction technologies for the internal combustion engine industry for non-road mobile machinery.

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